Quick Hits August 18, 2016

The Middle East is on fire. North Korea is becoming increasingly belligerent while it continues to build its nuclear arsenal. Iran is more brazen than ever as it violates its treaty obligations. Russia is engaged in joint military operations with Iran in Syria. Both Europe and the United States have had citizens slaughtered by violent jihadists in their homelands, including Paris, Nice, Boston, San Bernadino and Orlando. We have had riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, St. Paul Minnesota and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


To top it all off, Hillary Clinton, who was a key player in developing and implementing the policies that produced these results, is well on her way to capturing the White House. She hopes to win by promising more of the same.



In the meantime Donald Trump has ordered yet another campaign shake-up, apparently in the belief that he has been too genteel of late. He now apparently intends to double down on his rhetorical bellicosity, perhaps to insure that he loses all 50 states, freeing him up to take that long vacation he’s been talking about.


Back in Atlanta, CNN finally fesses up to editing a video in such a way to hide the fact that the sister of Sylville Smith, who was shot by police in Milwaukee, actually called for attacking the suburbs in retribution.



When it comes to Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, the Green Party Presidential candidate, Jill Stein, says that she thinks Hillary Clinton “owes voters an explanation”. Seriously. Anyway, compared to her economic plans, that statement appears full of insight. Dr. Stein’s economic platform is so far out there that she manages to make Bernie Sanders look comparatively sane.


Then again, Stein’s VP selection, Ajamu Baraka, spends enough time out in the fever swamps for both of them. Among other things, he has had his work published in a book edited by a 9/11 “truther” and holocaust denier by the name of Kevin Barrett. In discussing the jihadist attacks in France here is what Baraka had to say.


“And in that sense, while the victims of the violence in Paris may have been innocent, France was not. French crimes against Arabs, Muslims and Africans are ever-present in the historical memory and discourse of many members of those populations living in France. Those memories, the systemic discrimination experienced by many Muslims and the collaboration of French authorities with the U.S. and others that gave aid and logistical support to extremist elements in Syria and turned their backs while their citizens traveled to Syria to topple President Assad, became the toxic mix that resulted in the blowback on November 13.

“Although a number of the dead in Paris are young Arabs, Muslims and Africans, in the global popular imagination, France, like the U.S. (even under a Black president), is still white.”


See the whole story here in the Daily Beast.


Every time you think it can’t get any worse…



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  1. Incoming says:

    Donald Trump will not end his exposure in the public spotlight no matter how big his loss because he now has so many followers that a cable station devoted to him and his populism or some variation thereof is probably on its way (with the partnership of Roger Ailes). I hope I am wrong, but we will keep hearing from him and his themes even if he is a “Loser.”

    Thank you for posting the information about the Green Party VP. I had pretty much ignored them, but at least I now have something to say to people who think she is an alternative.

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