Bernie Sanders–Folk Artist

The Iowa primary is only 3 weeks away and there is a real possibility that Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Socialist, will win and put himself in position for a serious shot at the Democratic nomination. This is a guy who went to Moscow for his honeymoon about a year before the Berlin Wall came down. 

But believe it or not that’s not the strange part. Or strangest part. When he was Mayor of Burlington Bernie Sanders actually recorded an album of folk songs. Now, there is nothing intrinsically remarkable about a politician recording an album, provided said politician has an ounce of talent. For example, Sonny of Sonny and Cher was a major recording artist before he was elected to Congress as a Republican. 

Well, here is a sample of Bernie Sanders the recording artist. Please note. This is not made up. He actually did this. Five tracks of Bernie singing folk songs are below. A local independent Vermont newspaper has the story at this link.


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