Rand Paul and John Stossel

Most politicians speak in bumper sticker slogans. As a result, it isn’t very often that a politician shows up who is conversant in political philosophy, economics and public policy. Then again Senator Rand Paul (R – KY), an intelligent and thoughtful man, is not a typical politician. 

Senator Paul, an ophthalmologist and politician, has strong libertarian leanings. Straightforward about his convictions, you won’t find him resorting to bland Senate speak to avoid discussion of contentious issues. Which is one reason why he enrages his detractors who would rather silence differences of opinion. Especially ones that are well thought out, which his tend to be. 

Recently Paul sat down for a half-hour interview with John Stossel to discuss socialism, inflation, mandates and his book “The Case Against Socialism”. The interview, shown below, is well worth watching. 


John Stossel Interviews Rand Paul
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