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Devin Nunes Weighs In

Devin Nunes, a Republican, a Trump supporter and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee previously said (and continues to say) that he doesn’t see any evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped by the Obama Administration. There appears to be unanimity … Continue reading

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The Mandibles–A Review

The Mandibles: A Family, 2029 – 2047 By Lionel Shriver Harper Collins 2016 421 pages   In September of 2016, Lionel Shriver, a novelist, gave the keynote address at the Brisbane Writers Conference. She made instant headlines when, donning a … Continue reading

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Preet Bharara: It’s About Time

Aloha   As the salutation suggests, this post is coming from Hawaii, where we have been living these last three weeks. Thanks to the wonders of Airbnb we rented a cottage in Maui near Makawao, a little cowboy town planted … Continue reading

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Where’s that $100 Trillion?

That’s right. Trillion.   There is a reason, actually lots of them, why Washington is consumed with the latest Trumpian Tweet to the effect that Team Obama spied on Trump’s Presidential campaign. For one thing, if the charge is true, … Continue reading

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To Trade or Not to Trade…

Economic Nationalism and the Trump Trade Agenda According to Steve Bannon, the second prong of the Trump Administration’s policy focus is “Economic Nationalism”. The obvious first question is: what, exactly, does Bannon have in mind when he refers to Economic … Continue reading

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