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Corruption and the House of Clinton

Corruption at the House of Clinton is not just about mere appearance. Corruption is vital to its existence, just as it was to Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. That is why corruption trails the Clintons wherever they go. It is … Continue reading

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Hillary Watch

According to Politico, Democrats are now debating the size of a Clinton victory, and whether they should shift strategy to go for a landslide.   The Washington Post now reports that the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails uncovered an … Continue reading

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The Lesser of Two Evils…

Polling by the Pew Research Center indicates that voter satisfaction with Presidential candidate choices is as low as it has been since 1992 when Ross Perot entered the fray. Only 43% of Democrats and 40% of Republicans are satisfied with … Continue reading

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Quick Hits Aug 21, 2016

Restating the Obvious Sometimes the obvious needs to be repeated. The lesser of two evils is still evil.   Defining Deviancy Down. Again. Dana Balz of the Washington Post says that the voters understand the flaws of the major party … Continue reading

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The Unaffordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act AKA Obamacare is now approaching the death spiral its opponents predicted from the very beginning, and for the reasons they predicted. The Obamacare exchanges have attracted a population that is sicker than the law’s proponents expected. … Continue reading

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In the News…

The Clinton Foundation announced that it will stop accepting foreign donations if Hillary wins the White House. After January 20, 2017 only domestic bribes will be accepted. The Obama Administration did not pay ransom to free Americans held by Tehran. … Continue reading

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Quick Hits August 18, 2016

The Middle East is on fire. North Korea is becoming increasingly belligerent while it continues to build its nuclear arsenal. Iran is more brazen than ever as it violates its treaty obligations. Russia is engaged in joint military operations with … Continue reading

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Do Not Be Cowed: Vote Your Conscience

A lot of people, especially conservatives, are convinced that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton is morally fit to be president. It is hard to argue with that proposition. The question is what to do about it. So as voters … Continue reading

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Copy of Letter Sent to Reince Priebus

August 15, 2016 Mr. Reince Priebus Chairman Republican National Committee   Sir:   I have written this in response to your fund raising letter dated July 29, 2016. Please be aware that I changed my voter registration after Donald Trump … Continue reading

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The Bidding War Begins

We are now at that point in the Presidential race where the two major combatants begin to offer payoffs to interest groups in order to buy their votes come November. But instead of payoffs, the candidates refer to “investments”. This … Continue reading

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