Hillary’s Tangled Web

Is there anyone this side of sanity who truly, seriously believes a word that escapes from Hillary Clinton’s lips? Of course not. And that is a very big problem. The reason is that Mrs. Clinton’s lies have a special character that reach well beyond the usual “all politicians lie” sort of thing. Those politicians essentially try to hoodwink the public about what they are going to do.

Mrs. Clinton’s lies go well beyond that, which is not to deny that she too routinely makes promises that she has no intention of keeping. Mrs. Clinton lies about what she has already done and invites the public to pretend to believe her. That is what is so special about Mrs. Clinton’s lies. Their principal purpose is not really to deceive so much as it is designed to invite the public in on the game by making the lies acceptable. In so doing she further degrades both popular culture and political discourse from the already parlous state they are in.

A case in point is the ongoing e-mail saga. Virtually everything Mrs. Clinton has said about what she did (and why) is demonstrably untrue. For example she still insists on calling the FBI investigation a “security review” despite the fact that the FBI doesn’t do “security reviews”. They do criminal investigations.

When the e-mail story first broke she insisted that she never sent nor received classified information. When turned out to be untrue, the story quickly morphed into the idea that she didn’t send or receive emails that were “marked classified at the time”. When that was exposed as being untrue, she argued that the documents were needlessly “over classified”. When it turned out that some of the documents were correctly classified at the highest level, she then insisted that she didn’t intend to send or receive classified material.

All the while she insisted that she would cooperate with the investigation. As recently as May 9, 2016 on “Face the Nation” Clinton referenced the e-mail situation when she said “…I made it clear I’m more than ready to talk to anybody anytime. And I have encouraged all of my assistants to be very forthcoming and I hope this is close to being wrapped up”.

Well, not so fast. As it turns out, Mrs. Clinton refused to speak to investigators from the State Department’s Investigator General. For that matter so did at least 3 of her top aides, namely Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan and Huma Abedin. In effect they asserted their 5th amendment rights.

As the video below shows, in an interview, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer pressed Clinton Spokesman Brian Fallon on Clinton’s refusal to testify saying that “it really looks as if she has something to hide.” Which of course she does. And everyone knows it. Everyone. But no one who is anyone in Democratic politics will say a word about it, other than to say that it’s all a partisan witch hunt, despite the fact that President Obama appointed the Inspector General.

And so we have a conspiracy of silence from Progressives and Party officials who hope to make this a non-issue by throwing ink in the water with claims of bias and partisanship, all designed to allow people to fool themselves into believing, or excuse themselves for pretending to believe, the pack of lies that is the Clinton campaign

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