Quick Hits: Terror and Trade

While at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Secretary of State John Kerry says ISIS attacked Istanbul Airport because they are desperate and know they are losing. “If you are desperate and if you know you are losing, and you know you want to give up your life, then obviously you can do some harm” he said.

Good thing he cleared that up.


In the meantime CIA Director Brennan says [He’d] “be surprised if Daesh is not trying to carry out that kind of attack in the United States”. At least this time they didn’t call it “workplace violence”.


The House Panel investigating the Benghazi attack that left 4 Americans dead including the Ambassador, showed that there should be no doubt that Hillary Clinton lied to the public when she mischaracterized the attack as a protest inspired by a video. Then again, catching Hillary Clinton in yet another preposterous lie is, as they say, “Old News”.


For her part, Hillary Clinton says, “…it’s time to move on”.


Moving on to free trade…Without question, free trade agreements (including NAFTA) have been hugely beneficial, both to producers and consumers. These agreements have dramatically lowered trade barriers thereby generating increased competition, lower consumer prices, and reduced production costs. In addition, lowered trade barriers have increased economic growth, and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.


Needless to say Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump continue to express their firm opposition. Hillary Clinton, who was instrumental in negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership, now opposes the deal she once referred to as “the gold standard”.


Well, let’s compare Donald Trump’s bombast with Milton Friedman’s analysis, which we can do with the You Tube video at this link. That should (but won’t) settle the question.









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