The Circus is Still in Town

Is A Tie Still Possible ?

Interestingly enough, the polls are starting to tighten even though Trump has had probably the worst Presidential campaign month in modern history. To some extent this is to be expected. In the waning moments of a Presidential campaign undecided but party affiliated voters start to head home. This favors Trump because has had far more problems with Republicans than Clinton has had with Democrats.


But the odds still strongly favor Clinton. Trump would have to win all the toss-up states and flip New Hampshire to win. If he did that, but lost Utah to Evan McMullin in Utah, the race would go to the House. Very unlikely, but still possible.


Chris Smith: Hardly a Profile in Courage

Chris Smith, a Republican Congressman from New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District and senior member of New Jersey’s delegation is running for re-election. He has been endorsed by the Asbury Park Press, and according to his campaign website he is “tied for second” out of all 435 current Members of the House in authoring bills that have been signed into law. There are those of us who would rather see Congress spend more time repealing laws instead of passing new ones.


According to The Auditor | NJ Advance Media for, Smith has taken “a leadership role” in helping to elect Donald Trump President. Smith’s re-election slogan is “A Leader We Can Trust.”


Trust to do what, exactly?


Smith has a reasonably safe seat that he is intent on keeping. Even if it means actively supporting Donald J Trump. That just might be a bridge too far.



Bill Clinton Inc.

The Washington Post has today published a front-page story based on the latest Wikileaks dump of John Podesta e-mails. It details how the Clinton’s used their foundation as a conduit for enriching themselves. In a classic shakedown operation the Foundation’s fundraisers not only raised lots of money from large multi-national corporations while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State, they also solicited money for Bill Clinton personally. The Washington Post delicately refers to the arrangement as the “intersection of charity and personal income.”


Details of the arrangement are outlined in a memo written by former Clinton aide and confidante Doug Band, who later referred to the operation as “Bill Clinton Inc.” Essentially what it boils down to is this. Large potential contributors were invited to buy their way into some elbow rubbing by making contributions to the Clinton Global Initiative and to Bill Clinton personally. The Clinton’s managed to amass well over $100 million this way.


Democrats who continue to (justifiably) link Republican candidates to Donald Trump’s outlandish behavior tend to be reticent about all this, except to try to change the subject.


And while we are still on the subject, is there anybody left in the world who actually believes that Hillary Clinton’s destroyed e-mails contained nothing more than wedding plans and Yoga routines? Is there anybody who actually believes the hacked e-mails are not authentic? Is there anybody who doesn’t believe that Hillary and Bill Clinton are corrupt on a heretofore unimaginable scale?


Just checking.


Be prepared for four more years of never-ending Clinton sleaze.





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