The Koon-ut-kal-if-fee

As all Trekkies know, about every 7 years or so Vulcans experience an overwhelming hormonal imbalance known as pon farr that subjects them to an overpowering desire to mate. It can often lead to a marriage proposal. But Vulcans can become unhinged as the urge grows, causing them to behave in highly emotional, non-rational ways for brief periods of time. Moreover, a female Vulcan can challenge a proposed bonding by calling for “koon-ut-kal-if-fee”, a ritual in which the bonded male must fight a challenger to the death to maintain his bonded status to the female.


That’s what happened to Spock in the episode “Amok Time”.


Leonard as Spock

Leonard as Spock

Americans are seemingly subject to a similar fight to the death every 4 years when a Presidential election rolls around. For relatively brief periods of time the body politic becomes collectively unhinged. This makes it relatively easy for partisans to stir up faux outrage to manipulate voter emotions for strategic advantage as Election Day approaches. The same techniques used to convince you to root for Rocky Balboa, buy a certain type of car or perfume are used to convince you of the overwhelming necessity to vote for Jones or against Smith, depending on what the focus group data have to say.


With that in mind, it is well worth bearing a few things in mind, no matter who wins.



It is not the end of time; Armageddon is not around the corner, no matter what the guy with the sandwich sign says.


Tomorrow will look pretty much like today.


The day after tomorrow will look pretty much like tomorrow, and so on.


You should begin to carefully forget all the promises the winning candidate made, because their chance of being enacted as enunciated is slim, bordering on none.


The people on the other side are not idiots; nor are they enemies. They are people with whom you disagree.


Family members and friends are still family members and friends, even if they voted for the “wrong” candidate.


If you are really passionate about this, and truly believe what you say, then get involved. Volunteer for a campaign, join a local organization working to better the community, run for the Board of Education, go to Town Council meetings and speak up. Just shouting from the bleachers doesn’t accomplish very much.


Most important: Live long and prosper.




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