The Bizarre World of Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump apparently can’t understand why women haven’t come forward to accuse President Obama of sexual assault. Perhaps it’s because, unlike Trump, Obama isn’t a predator. Just a guess.


In the meantime Trump announced that he doesn’t much care for Hillary Clinton’s looks, clearly an important consideration when choosing a President.

You really have to hand it to Donald Trump though. He is probably the only man in the entire universe who could hand over the high road—or the less low road—to Hillary Clinton.


Team Trump Strikes Again


And for sheer stupidity it is hard to beat the latest gambit by team Trump. They decided to rebut one of Trump’s accusers by trotting out a certain Anthony Gilberthorpe to say that he sat across from Trump on the flight in the early 1980s where Trump was accused of groping Jessica Leeds. Gilberthorpe says he didn’t see anything untoward going on.


But they omitted a couple of details. Like this one. It turns out that… “Gilberthorpe made headlines in 2014, when he went public with a claim that as a 17-year old he procured boys (some who “could have been” underage) for sex parties with high-ranking British politicians”.


So to vouch for Trump, his campaign managed to produce a guy who got his start as a teenage pimp. That would be the Donald Trump who is going to “surround himself with the best people.”



Another Day Another Rant


“Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors.” –Donald Trump at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, on this past Thursday.


As numerous observers have pointed out, Trump’s language seems to mimic that of anti-Semitic tracts like the infamous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Perhaps. But it isn’t necessary to look for subtle links here. It should be pretty obvious by now that the man is a psychopath.


That should be enough.



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