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The Clinton Foundation announced that it will stop accepting foreign donations if Hillary wins the White House. After January 20, 2017 only domestic bribes will be accepted.

The Obama Administration did not pay ransom to free Americans held by Tehran. The Administration delayed making the payment, in cash Euros, until the Americans were freed “to retain maximum leverage”. Sure.


The State Department edited out of the official record an exchange between Fox News Reporter James Rosen and then spokesman Jen Psaki. The edited portion appeared to show Psaki conceding that the Administration misled the public on the Iran deal. State Department Spokesman John Kirby conceded that the tape was deliberately edited, but said the State Department could not come to a conclusion as to why.

Politico describes journalists attending Kirby’s briefing as reacting “with amazement and disbelief”.


Racial arsonist Al Sharpton, who has long been in the payroll of the Democratic Party, announced that he will be endorsing Hillary Clinton sometime after Labor Day.


Washington is whispering about the possibility that Donald Trump may leak confidential information he received at his first intelligence briefing as the official Republican nominee. Just think, he might even e-mail about it from his own server.


In one of his milder statements, Green Party VP nominee Ajamu Baraka reportedly opined that Bernie Sander’s campaign was “a tacit commitment to Eurocentrism and the assumptions of normalized white supremacy.”

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    Opening paragraph funny… Only domestic bribes will be accepted.

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