The Depravity of Mr. Trump

The GOP has gone into full panic mode with the latest revelation of Donald Trump’s depravity, a fragment of which is on the video below.

In the wake of widespread revulsion following the latest bombshell reported by the Washington Post, Trump offered an apology in which he said: “I’ve said and done things I regret…Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.”


Except that Trump’s words reflect precisely who he is. Let’s not pretend that this is some isolated incident. It is of a piece; the record is long and clear. What type of person mocks a reporter because of a disability? What type of person encourages his supporters to use violence against opponents? What type of person attempts to intimidate a judge by questioning his objectivity as a result of ethnicity?


A vicious stupid thug, which is a reasonably accurate description of Donald J Trump.


If the GOP wants to survive, the probability of which is increasingly doubtful, now would be a good time for the party’s leadership to forcefully renounce not just the latest incident (more are sure to come), but the entire Trump enterprise. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can (and should) jointly announce that the weight of the accumulated evidence makes it clear that Donald Trump is unfit to be President; that they have no intention of supporting him or voting for him, and that they look forward to working constructively with the next President.


Don’t count on it.


Washington State Republican Chairwoman Susan Hutchinson tweeted that when Trump made the comments in the video above “he was a Democrat”. Take that. And Sean Hannity, that noted student of history, repeated the oft-made, never proved and irrelevant claim that throughout the ages powerful men have exhibited voracious sexual appetites. Then of course he immediately pivoted to the subject of Bill Clinton’s sexual aggressiveness. Bill O ‘Reilly, who settled his own sexual harassment lawsuit while at Fox, dismissed the whole business as “guy talk” and then turned to launch an attack the Washington Post. And in a desperate attempt to change the subject, Dinesh D’Souza joined Hannity for some media bashing.


So is the media really overwhelmingly liberal? Probably.


So what.


Trump doesn’t say the idiotic things he routinely says because the media is mostly liberal. Trump says what he says because he is vicious and ignorant. The media reports what he says because he is the Republican candidate for President. Trump supporters ought to stop making excuses and then take a look in the mirror.


This is a problem. The excuse making has to stop.


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One Response to The Depravity of Mr. Trump

  1. Incoming says:

    “Trump doesn’t say the idiotic things he routinely says because the media is mostly liberal. Trump says what he says because he is vicious and ignorant.”

    What more is there to say about him? But, HRC has to testify under oath in writing on the email scandal by Oct. 13, and her speeches are leaking and there are 2 boxes of emails covering critical months in 2009 when she was setting up the server…that will be another adventure.

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