Notes, Asides & Absurdities Jan 14, 2021.

“Try Him Now” Matthew Continetti writes referring to the second Trump impeachment. It is an article that should not be missed. 

David Horowitz has noted that “Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out”. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, founding member of the Squad, has just illustrated the point nicely. In the wake of the Capitol riot she has called for a “truth and reconciliation or media literacy initiatives (sic)” to “rein in” the media. 

John Yoo writes that Donald Trump was rightfully impeached, but that he should not be convicted. Among other reasons why he writes that “Trump’s conduct does not rise to the level of criminal incitement”. But later he also goes on to say that the founders did not believe that impeachment (and presumably conviction) requires a criminal act. How’s that again? See Kevin Williamson on this. 

Guess who is about to become Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, which oversees budgeting and spending for the federal government? Why, that honor will go to none other than Bernie Sanders. Sanders has promised to “go big” in his spending plans.

Under Senate Rules the majority can use budget reconciliation to avoid the filibuster and pass bills without any Republican votes. Sanders has already promised to “go big” using this route for various spending proposals on pretty much the entire progressive wish list. 

The probable next chair of the Senate Finance Committee is Ron Wyden. Among other things, Wyden has proposed taxing unrealized capital gains. Wyden also proposes to “restore humanity” to HHS by disposing of conscience exemptions for religious organizations. Now he will be in a position to actual unleash his proposals.

Speaking of HHS, President-elect Joe Biden has nominated Xavier Becerra to run the organization as its new Cabinet Secretary. Mr. Becerra has absolutely no experience in the field, but he does have extensive experience, as California’s Attorney General, in suing the Little Sisters of the Poor for their refusal to finance employee purchases of contraceptives and abortafacients. He is also a fan of federal funding of abortion on demand. Presumably he is part of Mr. Biden’s moderate “healing agenda”. 

Welcome to progressive governance.


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