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A Clinton Bounce in Swing State Polls
Hillary Clinton appears to be getting a bounce in some crucial battleground states in the wake of the first Presidential debate. For his part, Donald Trump continues to provide badly needed assistance to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign by Tweeting insults about a former beauty contestant.


Trump’s Latest Strategy
According to Politico, the Trump campaign has decided to sharpen its message by “invoking the specter of a conspiracy by big corporations, media companies and donors to elect Hillary Clinton.” The idea is that this would solidify white working class support and attract Bernie Sanders supporters.


These featherbrained conspiracy theories were all the rage among radical leftists in the late 1960s and the early 1970s. Now they are the pet theories of the nominally Republican Trump campaign. As Trump continues to redefine the Republican Party as a populist / progressive movement he will do more to advance progressive causes than Hillary Clinton ever could. Trump voters desperate to keep Mrs. Clinton out of the White House should think about that for a minute—if their attention span can last that long.


The Clinton Tapes

Some hacked tapes of Clinton speeches to donors have been leaked. It is easy to see why the Clinton campaign tried to keep them under wraps. She implicitly acknowledges that much of the Free Stuff campaign is just rhetorical. That could enrage the Bernie Sanders supporters she is so desperately courting.


About Those Pesky E-Mails

Surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say.



It turns out that President Obama was lying when he said he found out about Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail address on the news like everybody else. It turns out that, not only did he know about Clinton’s set-up, he sent and received e-mails through her system himself while using a pseudonym.


Which also explains why Hillary Clinton was not indicted—because Obama was guilty of the same offense, meaning that he had a conflict of interest over Mrs. Clinton’s potential prosecution. A legal analysis by Andrew McCarthy of National Review is available at this link.


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