The Circus Continues

The Appallingly Rude Senator Kaine

In the Tuesday night Vice-Presidential debate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine managed to be almost as rude and boorish as Donald Trump with his constant interruptions and snarky one-liners. In the process he managed to irritate almost everybody. It isn’t yet clear whether Senator Kaine actually practiced being a boor or whether it comes naturally to him. Some of the fallout is reflected in the Frank Luntz focus group video below.

Bill Clinton Goes Rogue. Again.

Michael Kinsley famously defined a gaffe as occurring when a politician tells the truth. And as gaffes go, Bill Clinton just uttered a doozy when he trashed Obamacare as “the craziest thing in the world”.

Phony Outrage

Among other amusements is the faux outrage that lefties have churned up over allegations that Donald Trump “got away with” not paying income taxes for years. And how did he “get away” with that? By not having any net income. If you don’t have any income you don’t pay income taxes. That shouldn’t be hard to understand.


The net of this phony scandal is that that Trump apparently lost about $1 billion in 1995 and as a result he didn’t pay income taxes that year. In future years his tax liability continued to be zero until new net income exceeded tax-loss carry forwards from 1995.   Every business in the world operates like that.


Trump sycophants, including Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, insist losing that losing $1 billion is a sign of genius. The community of the sane understands that losing $1 billion is evidence of incompetence.



Hillary Clinton, Constitutional Scholar

When Donald Trump described his sister as a “great judge” because she signed some great laws, he was correctly derided for not understanding that judges do not sign laws. Which brings us to Hillary Clinton, (Yale Law School, 1973) who announced that, were she to be elected President, she would “pass a law” requiring Presidential candidates to release their tax returns.
Hillary Clinton at Yale Law School

Mrs. Clinton seems to be blissfully unaware that the requirements for President, the job to which she aspires, are specified in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. And to refresh Mrs. Clinton’s memory, the Constitution is supposed to be the supreme law of the land. Legislation must fit within the constitutional framework, not the other way around. Then again, Mrs. Clinton has little use for the 1st amendment, the 2nd amendment, the 4th amendment, the 5th amendment, the 6th amendment or the 10th amendment. So there is no reason to be surprised when Mrs. Clinton’s authoritarian streak shows through. As it does with her apparent willingness to “drone” Julian Assange.


Droning Julian Assange

Mrs. Clinton now claims that (1) she doesn’t remember it and (2) it was all really a joke. According to the latest on the Wikileaks front, Mrs. Clinton may have suggested “droning” Julian Assange, in keeping with the Obama Administration’s penchant for extra-judicial killings. Perhaps her supporters believe that her apparent willingness to select political enemies for summary execution is a sign of Presidential temperament.


Julian Assange
Corruption Watch

Evidence of the industrial scale corruption of the Clinton’s and their allies continues to mount. A leak by Guccifer 2.0 suggests that Top Democrats had TARP funds funneled to their Political Action  Committies (PACS).




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