Quick Hits Dec 12, 2016

Another Do Over Attempt

Well, well, well. All of a sudden Progressives have decided that the Russian bear isn’t very friendly after all. And they are terribly upset that the Russian government, meaning Vladimir Putin, “may have” influenced the outcome. And so the latest ploy is to ask for a delay of the Electoral College vote, scheduled for December 19, so that the College’s electors can receive an intelligence briefing. To no one’s surprise, the Clinton campaign backs the effort. The aim is to buy time to convince enough Republican electors to abandon Trump so that they can elect someone else President.

It bears repeating that this is the same crowd that hollered from the rooftops about how Trump might challenge the results if he lost.

In any event, Senate Republicans have walked away from Trump on this. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have announced support for a bi-partisan inquiry into the affair.

His Majesty Disses the Wall Street Journal

Speaking of His Majesty, Trump blasted the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board the other day for criticizing his plan to slap tariffs on imports. “I read the Wall Street Journal the other day” he said. “Honestly, their editorial board doesn’t get it. I don’t think they understand business.”

Au contraire, the WSJ editorial board understands economics very well. It is the Emperor who lacks clothing.


Like many of his cabinet picks, Trump’s reported favorite for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson the current CEO of ExxonMobil, had previously announced support of the TPP. His Majesty may wind up being the only one in his government opposed to it.


The Free Market and the “Dumb Market”

In an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, Trump insisted he was going to slap tariffs on goods produced outside the U.S. by American companies. At which point Chris Wallace said “What happened to the free market, sir?”

To which His Majesty replied, “…that’s not the free market when they go out and move and sell back into our country…No, that’s the dumb market, OK? That’s the dumb market”.

Well, it’s good we got that straightened out. Otherwise people might think this is …dumb.



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